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In this school the designated lead for safeguarding is Mr P Hooton and the deputy lead is Mrs S Myers. The governor with the responsibility for safeguarding is Mrs Marsters. If the school has any concerns about a child's welfare then a referral will be made to Sefton Children's Social Care. Anyone concerned about a child's welfare can make a referral using the link below.  


The government has updated the Working Together To Safeguard Children July 2018.

It has also revised The Keeping Children Safe In Education 2018 guidance which will will come into effect from September 3.


This KCSIE guidance applies to all schools and is for:

  • headteachers, teachers and staff
  • governing bodies, proprietors and management committees

It sets out the legal duties schools must follow to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people under the age of 18 in schools and colleges.

The school will ensure all school staff read part 1 of this guidance. 

The designated lead has read these documents attended training on this new guidance and will be training staff in September 2018.

The Child Protection and Safeguarding policy has been changed to reflect this guidance and is in the process of being ratified by the governing body. 


Our Safeguarding Team

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