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Mrs Johnston, Mrs Summers, Mrs Wilson and Mr Grugel


Welcome to Year 2! This page will be updated with news and photographs of our work and fun in school so please come back regularly to find out what we have been up to! 

Our trip to Skipton

What a fantastic time we had at Skipton Castle this week! Despite the rain, we had a fascinating and fun filled tour of the castle and learnt so much about life in the past. From learning to be knights shooting arrows from the arrow loops to seeing how wealthy people dined and celebrated together - we added so much to our knowledge bank! The children experienced life in the dungeons - damp, dirty and dark! The highlight for most had to be the toilet which opened straight out onto the river below! Year 2 you made us all proud with your lovely manners and great listening skills! Well done!

Sharing games!

Sharing games! 1
Sharing games! 2
Sharing games! 3
Sharing games! 4
What a great end to a fantastic term of learning! This week the children planned their own games in teams. They worked out what equipment they would need, the aim of the game and how to play. They then wrote instructions so that others could follow them and enjoy their game! We went outside onto the playground and read our instructions so that everyone could join in the fun! They were really creative and worked brilliantly in their teams! Well done Year 2! 

Maths Exercise!

Year 2 have been working their socks off this week! We have been working really hard on our reading comprehension skills using our canine gang to help us - Rex the Retriever, Inference Iggy, Vocabulary Victor, Sequencing Suki and Predicting Pip. We wonder if they could tell you all about the types of questions these helpful dogs ask! We have also been practising our number facts in fun and active ways such as challenging our friends with sequencing and asking "What comes next?" The children worked in pairs asking questions whilst throwing and catching! Well done Year 2 we are SO proud of you!

The Easter Story

What an action packed week of learning in Year 2! We began the week learning all about the Easter Story through drama and actions and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the workshop at our church. We learnt all about autism and how it affects people who experience it. We also had a sensory day on Friday where we explored using our senses. The highlight of the week was, without doubt, Year 2's performance in their class service! The children sang beautifully, acted confidently and spoke clearly. We have had so many lovely comments from parents and staff that we have been bursting with pride! We wish you all a happy and relaxing Easter break and look forward to seeing you back for more great learning in the summer term!

Balance and control

Year 2 have been working really hard at their balance and control. This week they had to walk around obstacles whilst balancing a ball on a racquet. They had to keep their eyes closely on the ball to minimise the risk of it dropping. They were set the challenge to be good sportspeople. Encouraging and supporting each other to be the best that they could be. You did us all proud Year 2 - well done!

Position and Direction

What another great week of learning we have had! The children have continued working hard on their fractions as well as applying their growing knowledge to solve reasoning problems. In maths we have also been learning about position and direction. We had a fun outdoor session working out what instructions would direct our robot friends from one position to another on the playground. The children were able to work with left, right, forwards and backwards as well as North, South, East and West! 

World Book Day

What a fantastic World Book Day 2019 we had in Year 2 at Ainsdale St John's! The children were absolutely amazing in their outfits and they had so carefully matched them up with the words they had chosen. We were wowed by the language and the fact that so many of them could accurately use them too! We loved finishing our class text "James and the Giant Peach" and writing some brilliant summaries of the text. We finished off with a shared Vocabulary Parade with our friends in Year 6 as well as reciting "Little Rabbit Foo Foo" to them too! Well done Year 2 - you have made us so proud this week! 

How many degrees Celsius?

This week we have continued our learning about measurement. We have explored how we measure temperature and what unit of measurement we use. The children used thermometers to measure the temperature inside the classroom and in the playground and worked out the difference between the two! They learnt how to hold the thermometer correctly as well as how to read different scales. This week the children have also been writing their own stories based on the story of Anansi. They have been really creative with their ideas and have been using lots of excellent adjectives! Next week we are looking forward to World Book Day - children and adults will be dressing up as a word! We can't wait to see what you will all come as! 


Year 2 have been really challenged in their maths thinking this week! We have continued our work on multiplication and division and the children are really beginning to see the links between the two. We have written an extended piece based on our much loved class texts The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home. We have continued our topic work all about Kenya and learnt to say phrases such as 'jambo' which means 'hello' in Swahili. We have also had great fun practically exploring capacity. The children used a range of containers and measuring cylinders to work out capacity and have started to use the correct units of measurements. Can they spot any liquids at home with ml or l on them? Keep up the hard work Year 2!

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Gong Hei Fat Choy! 1
What a fun filled week of learning! The children have continued to develop their knowledge of Kenya and many have brought in some outstanding pieces of homework - from model crocodiles to beautiful fact files! In our maths learning we have continued to work on multiplication and division and exploring how these relate to each other. We have continued our writing based on the book "The Day the Crayons Quit" and have added descriptive detail to make our writing more interesting. We have also learnt about Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig. We created beautiful paper dragons to fly in the wind! Well done Year 2!

Apparatus challenge!

Each week Year 2 have been perfecting their balances and movements in gymnastics. This week they got to practise using the apparatus. They found different ways to balance and travel such as bunny hops. They are holding themselves in position and beginning to look like gymnasts as they move around. Their good listening and concentration was particularly evident this week and it is fantastic to see them make so much progress each week. Well done Year 2.

On Safari!

What an exciting week! We began with going on safari where we spotted African animals that you might see in Kenya. We used our binoculars, rode on jeeps and tried to identify the wildlife! Some of us even got up really close to it too! I think you'd agree that we certainly look the part of intrepid explorers! We also began our new class text this week "The Day the Crayons Quit." We have enjoyed reading the book and talking about the different characters. We have used descriptive language and also practised using questions - not forgetting to start with a capital letter and end with a question mark. In our maths learning we have continued with practising arrays to work out "lots of" an amount to help us to understand multiplication. Year 2 what a busy week - you have worked your socks off!

Making links with the past!

As you know, we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole - women who changed the world. We have learnt about the state of the hospitals during the Crimean war and how the soldiers were treated. We learnt how these women made huge changes and showed enormous bravery. To compare how nursing was in the 1800s in a war zone, with modern nursing in times of conflict, we invited a guest speaker, Nurse Hayward. Nurse Hayward was an army nurse who served twice during the Iraq War. The children asked questions to see how much nursing during war time had changed since the time of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. The children were clear and confident asking questions and showed superb listening skills. Well done Year 2!

Fantastic Gymnastics!

Happy New Year to you all! What a super start we have had to 2019 in Year 2! The children have come back with a great attitude to their learning and are showing resilience and perseverance in all that they do. We are lucky enough to have the expert tuition of a gymnast from the Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Team each week this term. We started on Thursday and the children thoroughly enjoyed practising new positions and balances. They listened carefully and worked hard to improve! Well done Year 2!

Key Stage One and Reception have a visit from Santa!

Key Stage One and Reception have a visit from Santa! 1
Key Stage One and Reception have a visit from Santa! 2
Key Stage One and Reception have a visit from Santa! 3
Key Stage One and Reception have a visit from Santa! 4
Key Stage One and Reception have a visit from Santa! 5

Year 2 Information Evening Presentation

Choose kind!

As part of World Kindness Day and Anti-Bullying week, the children in Year 2 thought about what kindness is and what it looks like in action in our classroom. We worked with our friends and created posters to help us to think about how we could act so that everyone feels happier. We talked about different ways we could be kind in class, at lunchtime and at playtimes. The children came up with lots of ideas like asking someone to play if they are on their own, using kind words and compliments and being fair when we are playing games. Well done Year 2 - let's promise to choose kind!


The children have been learning about the 100 year anniversary of the end of the First World War. They have learnt about why a two minute silence is held on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The children can say why poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance and took great pride in drawing their own poppies. Some children helped with the incredible display at the front of school by painting the poppies or writing on the names of the soldiers from Ainsdale who lost their lives. They have listened with interest and respect and shown a great level of maturity - we are so proud! Well done again Year 2.

Cycling fun!

On a rather chilly day last week the children wowed us with their cycling ability. Many of the children who were able to cycle already had fun showing off their skills and many of the children who started the session unable to ride their bikes either managed to cycle unaided or were extremely close! Every single one of them showed great resilience and determination and we were very proud of them all! Well done Year 2!

Healthy Eating

Year 2 had great fun and learnt lots about healthy eating when Emma from Active Sefton came to visit us. She taught us all about a balanced diet and the types of foods we should be eating in what amounts. The children listened very carefully and were able to answer questions about healthy choices as well as giving examples of healthy foods they could choose. Several members of the class were chosen to help Emma to make a banana, strawberry and milk smoothie. All of year 2 tried the smoothie afterwards. I wonder if they can tell you the main food groups and which we should be eating the most of!

Fire, fire!

Fire, fire! 1
Year 2 finished their materials topic in science by exploring how different materials burn. We began by making predictions whether wood, metal, cardboard, hay and stone would burn or not. We then burnt each material in turn to find out whether our predictions were correct. The children then related what they had learnt to our history topic on the Great Fire of London. The children understood that some materials burn more easily than others and this is why wood and straw were not used to rebuild the capital after the fire. We also talked about the safety aspects of fire and how we need to think about safe behaviour. Year 2 you were AMAZING!

National Poetry Day

Year 2 wowed us last week with their fantastic ideas for poetry! We explored the poem 'What is pink?' by Christina Rossetti. The children had to move around the coloured tables and come up with their own ideas for different colours. We shared our ideas then tried to think of words to rhyme with our different colours. Like the original author we struggled to find words to rhyme with orange! We then wrote a class poem. Fantastic learning Year 2!  

Day of European Languages

Day of European Languages 1
The children had great fun learning all about Sweden! We loved seeing them in the colours of the Swedish flag! They also painted their stones with a Swedish flag before hiding them in Rainbow's End. They then had to find another stone and return to it to their friend with a kind word or two! They learnt many facts about Sweden - I wonder if they can share these with you? They learnt what the capital city is called, what foods are typical and about famous buildings and structures in Sweden! 

10s and 1s

10s and 1s 1
Year 2 have been continuing to learn about place value. We have looked at different ways to partition numbers into 10s and 1s and used balls skills to help us. We made a throw in the air worth 10 and a bounce on the floor worth 1. We then worked with partners making numbers without speaking and our partners had to work out what number we had made. The children then came up with other creative ways to show 10s and 1s such as a clap for 10 and a stomp for 1. They then had to say 10 more than a 2 digit number by counting in 10s not 1s. Can they share what they learnt at home?

Talented actors

Talented actors 1
As part of Great Fire of London topic children have been learning all about the types of jobs that people did in London in 1666. They had great fun acting out these jobs whilst their classmates had to guess which job they were doing. I wonder if they can tell you what these jobs involve: a chandler, a scullery maid, a chimney sweep or the most disgusting of all - a gong farmer!

A great start to Year 2!

A great start to Year 2! 1

The children have made a great start to the new academic year. We have been thrilled with their fantastic attitude to their learning and their enthusiasm in class. We have started the year with stories from our summer holidays. We have enjoyed reading what the children have been doing. In our maths learning we are focusing on Place Value. The children have enjoyed partitioning numbers and saying what each number in a 2 digit number is worth. They can say for example that 22 is 2 tens and 2 ones and they can say 22 is 20 + 2. You can practise this with children at home or whilst out and about, for example, with door numbers or numbers in and around the house. We have also enjoyed lots of counting practice! We have also started our Autumn Term topic 'The Great Fire of London' - the children have already wowed us with their knowledge!



Homework will be set at the beginning of the term using a homework grid. The children will bring these home this week and the book should be returned each Monday to be marked, the books will then be returned home by Wednesday.

Spellings will be set at the beginning of the term. Children should learn the spellings for that week and will be tested on a Friday. Please let us know if the children are having any difficulty with these and we can suggest activities that might help or alternatively reduce the number of spellings they have to learn.

Reading - It is expected that children will read two school books at home each week. The children will change these on a Monday. We love to hear about any other reading the children are doing at home such as books they are reading independently or books you are reading to your child so please feel free to record these in their reading record books too!

PE - Children will do PE lessons on a Friday but should have their PE kits in school each day.


If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate in talking to any of the team.


We thank you for your continued support and look forward to an exciting learning journey this year!

Well Done to Year 2!

Wow! What a term Year 2 have had! Each and every one of them has worked their socks off - making huge improvements in all areas of their learning. We are so very proud of them that this week, instead of choosing one 'Star Learner', they were each awarded 'Star Learner.' We had fun in Rainbow's End to celebrate! Well done Year 2! Enjoy half term and we will see you for more fun and exciting learning next term!

Fun in the sun!

Fun in the sun! 1
Fun in the sun! 2
Fun in the sun! 3
Fun in the sun! 4
Fun in the sun! 5
Fun in the sun! 6

Our Year 4 Buddies!


Year 2 and Year 4 have been working together and sharing their learning! Year 2 have shared their learning all about the Great Fire of London - a topic many of the Year 4 children remembered from their time in Year 2 - whilst the Year 4 children have been teaching us all about deforestation! 


Year 4 shared their amazing Powerpoint presentations with us which taught us that the world's rainforests are under threat from deforestation. This deforestation is not only terrible for the land, it has a devastating effect on the wildlife that the rainforests house.


Year 2 are joining Year 4 in raising money to protect these animals and to do more to stop the effects of deforestation. We will be holding a cake sale on Friday 16th March to raise money for this worthwhile cause! Thank you for you support!

Infant Christmas Party

Infant Christmas Party 1
Infant Christmas Party 2
Infant Christmas Party 3
Infant Christmas Party 4
Infant Christmas Party 5
Infant Christmas Party 6
Infant Christmas Party 7
Infant Christmas Party 8
Infant Christmas Party 9
Infant Christmas Party 10
Infant Christmas Party 11
Infant Christmas Party 12
Infant Christmas Party 13
Infant Christmas Party 14
Infant Christmas Party 15
Infant Christmas Party 16
Infant Christmas Party 17
Infant Christmas Party 18
Infant Christmas Party 19
Infant Christmas Party 20
Infant Christmas Party 21
Infant Christmas Party 22
Infant Christmas Party 23
Infant Christmas Party 24

What I Am!

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Coat of Arms

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Castle Models Homework

Castle Models Homework 1
Castle Models Homework 2
Castle Models Homework 3
Castle Models Homework 4
Castle Models Homework 5
Castle Models Homework 6
Castle Models Homework 7
Castle Models Homework 8
Castle Models Homework 9
Castle Models Homework 10
Castle Models Homework 11
Castle Models Homework 12
Castle Models Homework 13
Castle Models Homework 14

Months Of The Year Song

It's a months of the year song to the tune of Michael Finnegan or the Ten Little song. Performed by A.J. Jenkins Copyright 2009 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved.