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Art and Design

Curriculum Intent

At Ainsdale St John’s we are artists! We are on an artistic journey to become life –long active and responsible learners following the Christian values Jesus has given us. Through high quality teaching, all our pupils are given rich learning experiences into all aspects of art, craft and design to enable our pupils to embody some of the highest forms of human creativity.  We believe that our whole school family can “Grow, Develop and Achieve in ALL that we do”. We want all our young artists to experience art and design education that engages, inspires and challenges their thinking so that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design.  

At Ainsdale St John’s, we want to see our pupil’s progress so they begin to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design. We see our children developing an understanding of how art and design both reflect and shape our history and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.


Curriculum Implementation

The Art curriculum is based on the National Curriculum Programmes of study and has been carefully designed to ensure progression and repetition in terms of embedding key learning, knowledge and skills.

The class teachers use a range of resources to deliver a rich curriculum which covers all key aspects of art. Children investigate and analyse different creative works and learn about great artists, craft makers and designers. Children are taught and practise skills so that they become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.


Art is taught discretely but staff also make meaningful links across subjects and link prior knowledge to new knowledge to deepen children’s learning.  We believe that by crafting our curriculum this way, we improve the potential for our children to retain what they have been taught, to alter their long-term memory and thus improve the rates of progress they make.


Curriculum Impact

Teachers use formative assessment in lessons and this informs their short term planning and helps them provide the best possible support for children.

Summative assessments are made at the end of each topic. 

Monitoring in Art includes: scrutinising work, learning walks, pupil and staff voice.  Information gathered is used to gain an accurate understanding of the quality of education in Art.

5/10/2020 Year 1 are super proud of our Paul Klee inspired portraits!

17/9/2020 We are so proud of our display showcasing our portrait painting skills!

8/5/19 Colour Mixing!

28/3/19 Here we are in our T shirts. We have had such a happy and creative time together at Art Club over the last 4 weeks. Well done everybody!

21/3/19 Art Club . This week we had fun making our Tie-Dye T shirts. They should be ready to wear next week when Mrs Kane has washed and dried them!

15/3/19 Art Club 2019 : Reception

31/1/19 Super creative displays around our school. Well done everyone!

15/11/18 Year 5 : Class Service :Ancient Greece

Still image for this video
Super use of clay to make Greek pots Year 5!

Week beginning 5/11/18 Lest We Forget

6/11/18 Year 2 :The Great Fire of London

5/11/18 Year 3: Celebrating the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo

15/10/18 Introducing the artwork displayed at Ainsdale train station by some of the children at Ainsdale St John's. Well done everyone!!

26/9/18 European Day of Languages :Artistic Celebrations

12/7/18 Year 1 : Weaving different materials to create a table mat!

Art Club Summer Week 2-Marble Painting

Art Club Summer Week 1- Creative Cards and Tie Dye T-shirts

12/6/18 Art Display:Jackson Pollock

14/5/18 Paintings by Year 1 Inspired by Jackson Pollock

14/5/18 Paintings by Year 1 .....inspired by Jackson Pollock

7/3/18 Art :1960s style!

Still image for this video
Celebration of Year 5 Art

15/1/18 Clay sculptures :Animals from Antarctica

Still image for this video
A Photostory

Art club Year1 2018

Art Club Year1 2018

Art club Year 1 2018

Spring term 2 : Water colour art inspired by Henri Rousseau by Year 4

Spring term 1 and 2 : Art with Year 3