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Contingency Plans

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are aware, before half term we were forced to close three year group bubbles and then the whole school closed the week beginning October 19th.

Class teachers rose to the challenge of providing remote learning for the children at home. 

You as parents also worked hard, encouraging the children to access the work set, supporting them where you could with both the technology and the learning.  

I know parents and children were grateful for the help and I was extremely appreciative of the way everyone pulled together to help one another to meet the significant challenge of remote education. Over the last few weeks we have reviewed our processes, identifying what went well and how we can further improve our provision.


This document outlines our contingency plans for supporting remote education when a  child’s education is impacted by Covid-19. There are a number of scenarios the school has planned for.

Scenario 1:

There is a whole-school closure or a bubble is sent home.

We will provide a timetable to help your child to structure their day. There will be a number of meaningful assignments each day in a range of different subjects. Each morning, the class teacher will clearly outline the activities planned for each day via written message or video message. 

The teachers will share what is to be practised and the lessons will follow the curriculum which would have been taught if the children were in school. 

Children in years 2-6 will access their learning through Google classroom; children in Reception and Year 1 will access it through DB Primary. 

The morning Maths and English lessons will follow the normal teaching sequence and build upon the knowledge and skills learnt in school. 

The afternoon activities will cover the foundation subjects such as Geography or Art. 

Children should complete the set activities and submit their work as directed by the teacher. 

The teachers will be available to gauge how well the children are doing and provide instant feedback or explanations where necessary. They will comment upon and mark children’s work. The teachers will use Google meet to discuss any work issues and/or allow the children to come together as a class. 


Scenario 2:

Individual pupil self – isolation.

When notifying the school of a child’s absence, parents should state if their child is able to access learning at home. If so, at the end of the first day of recorded absence, the child’s class teacher will contact parents to explain how their child’s work will be set and feedback given. Tasks for the day will be uploaded to Google classroom or DB Primary. 

Pupils would be expected to complete tasks and the teachers will provide feedback on what is returned. This will not necessarily be immediate as the teacher will be teaching in school. 


Scenario 3:

Class teacher in self - isolation as a precautionary measure.

A supply teacher will teach the class under the direction of the class teacher.


Scenario 4:

Class teacher is unwell so is unable to deliver online lessons whilst children are in


A supply teacher will teach the class under the direction of the class teacher..


Scenario 5:

Class teacher is unwell and is unable to deliver online lessons during a bubble/class closure or whole school closure.

In the event of this happening, the school would hope to identify teaching staff or the head teacher to support the class with their learning. Again, the school would do its utmost to upload activities to Google classroom and provide feedback at this time although there may be limited access to teaching staff during the day.


Scenario 6

A child is off sick. If a child is off sick for a short period of time, then we would assume that they are too ill to engage in home learning and therefore will not be setting any additional work. 


Additional information:

The children have been taught how to use and navigate their way around DB primary and google classroom. 

Each child has their own email log in and password.

We are providing parents with an information sheet on how to support children when accessing google classroom. (Some of you will have received this information already.)


When children are completing tasks throughout the day, teachers may have the capacity to provide instant feedback. However, it should be noted that if a member of staff is receiving numerous requests for feedback at the same time this may not be the case.


We recognise that some children will only be able to complete tasks when they have access to remote learning. This may be later on in the day. This will be outside a teacher’s normal working hours. In this case the teacher will not be able to provide instant feedback. However, they will get back to the child within 24 hours of the work being posted.Collective verbal feedback may be given via google meet. 


Please bear in mind that the teachers in school work a range of different hours - some do not work certain days or only work half days for instance. Staff will indicate on their weekly timetable who is available and at which times.


Staff, pupils and parents/carers are to abide by the school’s E Safety Policy and Acceptable User Policy at all times. 


We all recognise that the best education takes place when children are in school. Nevertheless, these are exceptional times and the teaching staff will do their utmost to support the children and parents involved in home learning. 


There is no doubt that as time moves on our procedures may evolve as we respond to feedback and learn what works for different children in different circumstances.