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PE Curriculum Map 2021_22

Physical Education (PE) is taught through physical activity in weekly practical lessons both indoors and outdoors. It provides children with the generic skills, knowledge and understanding they need to become physically literate, and at the same time gives most children their first regular experiences of sport. When taught well, Physical Education enthuses and inspires children to participate fully and develop a life-long love of physical activity, sport and exercise.

PE makes a uniquely substantial contribution to the well-being of young people. At its best, it improves young people’s physical literacy and enthuses them with a lifelong love and habit of being physically active. It stretches their performance capabilities, enhances their physiological efficiency and increases their confidence as they learn to overcome challenges. In situations that can be both competitive and collaborative, students learn resilience, respect for others, and the value of hard work and teamwork.

Our Scheme of Work has been produced in response to the Primary National Curriculum for Physical Education (2014).