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Curriculum Intent

Here at Ainsdale St Johns, we are all readers, writers and accomplished linguists.  We communicate in many forms because we understand that communicating and making meaning from language is the essence of human life.  We embrace the challenges of reading and writing knowing that with determination we can ‘Grow, Develop and Achieve in all we do!’


Celebrating a rich and relevant curriculum, we work passionately to ensure that the essential skills of English can be applied in every subject we encounter.  At the core of our inclusive English curriculum are our Christian values which direct our cognition and drive our desire to work collaboratively alongside one another creating, critiquing, reflecting and evaluating. 


Through high quality teaching and inspiring activities we foster a rich and varied love of literature from the outset, using captivating characters and settings to celebrate the beauty of diverse worlds - both real and imaginary.  Through carefully planned whole class and group discussion we aim to master our critical understanding of English and encourage all pupils to develop their own viewpoint about literature and learning. 


Above all we celebrate the beauty of the English language and its fundamental place both in our curriculum and in our world.


Year 6 enjoying the Autumn morning and getting to grips with nature for their descriptive writing...

Sharing Books

Sharing Books 1

The Teaching Of English At Ainsdale St John's.


Phonics and Reading

  • Learning to read is one of the most important things your child will learn at our school. Everything else depends on it, so we put as much energy as we possibly can into making sure that every child learns to read as quickly as possible. We want your child to love reading – and to select books for the pleasure of it. This is why all effort is made to ensure they develop a love of books as well as simply learning to read.
  • In September 2019 we invested in the Read Write Inc programme to support the teaching of reading and writing. All staff were trained in the programme and this is being delivered on a daily basis. 
  • We supplement the programme with story books and drama and role play. As children learn the code for reading they make a journey through the Collins Big Cat scheme - a great selection of fiction and non-fiction. The series benefits from different book sizes, wonderful illustrations, a variety of characters and lots of genres. Big Cat match the different tastes of all children and engage all readers. The school library offers a range of books by Pearson and Collins to support phonics at every phase.

As children develop reading skills, it is vital that they read regularly at home. Your support is invaluable for developing their fluency, confidence and understanding. Even if your child is an independent reader, it is still important for you to read with them, listen to them and discuss the books they are reading. We recommend this happen at home for 15 minutes or more each day. If your child is a competent reader do not let that stop you reading to them. Help them to choose a book that is stimulating and will develop their evolving vocabulary bank.



The children follow a spelling programme for Years 2 to 6, specially created to meet the higher demands of The National Curriculum. Spelling rules are introduced, tested and revisited. This prepares children for the end of key stage National Curriculum tests. ​ Please support your child with their spelling journey at home too – English is a very complicated language!



In Years 2-6, our English lessons are taught through a novel, which changes termly. The novel is carefully chosen to suit the topic that is being taught within that term and to provide exciting and diverse writing opportunities.

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