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Sing along to Hickory Dickory Dock with Chris and Pui from CBeebies Show Me Show Me. Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun ga...

Today we are thinking about clocks and telling the time. In the story Pumpkin Soup there were lots of references to time and clocks. Watch the story again and spot the clocks! Can your child show you how we say o'clock in class? Draw their attention to different clocks and explain how they all tell the time. Then using a timer can you set them a challenge seeing how how many times they can run up and down the room in 30 seconds/1 minute. Or how many times can they bounce a ball in 30 seconds/1 minute? Take the challenge outside over the next few days.... can they run up a sand dune in 30 seconds/1 minute? Can they hop on one leg for 30 seconds/1 minute? Anything that helps them think about time will be amazing. Also asking them to think about what things they do at different times of the day will be helpful. What time do they get up? Have breakfast? Play? Have lunch? etc


At school they are becoming aware of 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock. We also say 'Good Morning' during the register at the start of the school day and then we have a different response after lunch. Can they remember what they say during the afternoon register?


Many thanks for your support. laugh


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