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Curriculum Intent

At Ainsdale St John’s we are geographers of the 21st Century.  We want our children to love geography, to love their lessons, learn from rich and memorable activities and embrace the opportunities given to them. We strive to develop a thirst for life-long, active and responsible learning, following the Christian Values that Jesus has given to us.  We aim to develop the children’s love of the world around them, inspire a curiosity and fascination for the planet and the people who live in it.  We want them to fully understand their role and place in caring for the world that God created.

Through high quality teaching, all our children develop their knowledge of diverse places, people, resources and the natural and human environment.

We want our children to have an extensive base of key geographical vocabulary and knowledge. We provide them with opportunities to locate and name places in the world, to understand the geographical similarities and differences between these locations. Children are encouraged to see how places are interdependent and interconnected.

Through critical thinking we aim to develop analytical mapping and fieldwork skills. We foster children’s ability to work collaboratively and creatively to reach conclusions and clearly communicate well balanced opinions about places and environmental issues.

We want our children to grow, develop and achieve in all that we do.