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Our first topic this year is all about the Ancient Greeks. We will begin with a fun 'murder mystery' game which will give us some ideas about what life was like in Ancient Greece. 

The Trojan War

We watched a couple of videos relating to The Trojan War. We discussed the events leading up to the war and how the war ended with the trojan horse.


We worked in groups to create different freeze frames to represent different parts of the story.

1.The Greeks arriving for battle.
2.Men hiding inside a wooden horse while the Greeks pretend to sail away.
3.The Trojans bringing the horse to the gates.
4.The Greeks climbing out at night and                                                 letting the army in.
5.The final battle.


Can you work out which part of the story each group are representing?

Take a look at this fun Greek Alphabet rap!

Greek Alphabet - Daft Punk Remix

A remix of Technologic by Daft Punk with the greek alphabet.