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Maths Focus of the Week

Formation, formation, formation!

At this point in the school year we would be revisiting numbers up to 9 and the children would be encouraged to practise writing them out correctly and we would check that the children were confident with each number shape. If they were reversing any numbers these would hopefully be nipped in the bud at this stage. With this is mind we would like to focus on practising 0-9....

Your child may like to make their numbers out of playdough, pastry, cookie dough, tracing them out in a tray sprinkled with salt/sand/rice etc... using water in a squeezy bottle or water pistol to squirt the number shapes outside, or paintbrushes dipped in water to 'paint' them on the floor or wall. Also check your children can recognise the numbers as they get stuck in experimenting with different ways of 'writing' their numbers. Little rhymes help them remember where to start and where they are heading.

Just 10 minutes every day is all that's suggested- have fun!