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Meet Our Staff

We have a fabulous team at St. John's where each member gives their all to our school community!

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs O'Brien - Headteacher

Mrs Myers - Deputy Headteacher, SENDCo


Administrative Support

Mrs McCaughrean and Mrs Taylor


Premises and Grounds

Mr Prescott - Site Supervisor

Ms. Bowman and Mr Graham - Cleaners



Reception - Miss Giles

Supported by Miss Farnworth and Mrs Taylor


Year 1 - Mrs Banks

Supported by Mrs Hamlin and Mrs O'Hagan


Year 2 - Miss Hughes

Supported by Mrs Gamble and Mrs Killingbeck


Year 3 - Mrs Andrews

Supported by Mrs Garnett, Miss J and Mrs Wilson


Year 4 - Mrs Johnston (AM) and Mrs Carpenter (PM)

Supported by Ms Bastide and Mrs K Johnston


Year 5 - Mrs Horsley

Supported by Mr Grugel and Mrs Hart


Year 6 - Mrs Houghton

Supported by Mrs Giblin, Mrs Hyland and Miss Wareing


PPA - Mrs Evans


Welfare Staff

Mrs Castell, Miss Farnworth, Mr Graham, Mrs Hall, Miss J, Miss Li, Mrs Oldfield and Mrs Smith


Kitchen Staff

Devina, Diane and Tracey