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Number Focus of the Week

This week we are looking at number 19. Can you help your child find it on a numberline? Can your child practise counting forwards and backwards on their numberline? How do we write 19? Can your child count out 19? Recounting and double checking are great skills to encourage, and splitting the items into different groups to make it easier is helpful too. At this point we can tell the children that we are so close to number 20 - it is just 1 more. Conversely, 19 is 1 less than 20. Count out 10 of your fingers, then ask your child to add their fingers to make 19. 2 sets of 10 fingers will be 20, take 1 away will be this week's number- 19! 


Write out the numbers 0-19 on some paper or card. Cut them up and hide them around the house. See how quickly your child can put them in order. If your child enjoys this maybe set the timer on your phone and then see if your child can get faster when they try again!


Place some clothes in the washing machine, counting them as you put them in (maybe 6 or 7). Now shut the door. How many are inside? Keep that number in your head and add some more clothes (maybe 2 or 3). Can you count on? How many clothes are in the washing machine now? Adult to do one example but get it wrong – Can your child spot the mistake?