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Ainsdale is a village suburb of Southport, an attractive seaside town on the North Merseyside coast. Although the village has grown rapidly in recent years, it still retains many of the traditional characteristics associated with close-knit communities. Not least of these, is a strong Christian tradition which is now centred round churches and chapels of all denominations.
Ainsdale C.E. Primary School has always been an integral part of this tradition. It is still regarded as the 'village' school, despite the advent of others and maintains strong links with all sections of the community through its close relationship with the Parish Church of St. John. Both church and school are on the same site and each serves as a rich and valued resource for the other. The children come from the communities of Ainsdale, Birkdale and  Southport. Some are from Christian and other faith backgrounds. All are welcome!

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