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The Reception timetable is structured yet flexible. The aim of the timetable is to ensure subject coverage but to allow the necessary time for learning to develop. 

English and Maths are planned every morning following Read Write Inc and White Rose Maths. 

 CLLD is taught in other parts of the morning, as well as giving adequate time for self initiated play and ,mark making. 

Continuous Provision is used to extend learning and the children work in a mixture of guided and independent group activities. 


We have a discrete hourly Physical Development lesson and other PD activities are available throughout mornings and afternoons. 


Topics are planned but can be child led and PSED/Health and Self Care is continually taught throughout the week as well as being allocated a slot in the timetable. 


RE is also taught as a discrete subject on our timetable. 


Children are involved in a Guided Reading activity once a week, as well as structured and free flow fine and gross motor skill based activities, including letter formation. 


We see outdoors as an extension of our indoor learning environment and children are encouraged to learn outside whenever the weather permits us to do so.