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At Ainsdale St John’s we use RE and the teachings of Jesus as an example to 'Aspire and Shine for Jesus'.

We are a Christian community and understand the need to learn about other religions and the world around us, enabling us to develop a deeper understanding of the world and our own experience within it. 

We encourage both staff and children to explore creatively, to think critically and to engage, inspire and challenge thinking in order to develop the spiritual, moral, cultural, social and emotional needs of all. A focus on respect, love and care enables us to prepare pupils to be global citizens of the future.

We aim to strengthen the understanding of Christian values, empowering all to reflect on their own lives and make positive choices. 


The RE curriculum is based on resources and planning provided by Blackburn diocese. Teachers also use The Understanding Christianity pack and access additional resources when studying other faiths. This helps class teachers deliver a rich curriculum which covers all key aspects of RE.

RE is taught discretely but staff also make meaningful links across subjects and link prior knowledge to new knowledge to deepen children’s learning.  We believe that by crafting our curriculum this way, we improve the potential for our children to retain what they have been taught, to alter their long-term memory and thus improve the rates of progress they make.


Teachers use formative assessment in lessons and this informs their short term planning and helps them provide the best possible support for children.

Summative assessments are made at the end of each unit of work.   

Monitoring in RE includes: book scrutinies, learning walks, pupil and staff voice.  Information gathered is used to gain an accurate understanding of the quality of education in RE.


Collective Worship

We at Ainsdale St John's see 'worship' at the centre of our everyday lives. Daily collective worship, based around Christian values, directs our school day and encourages us to learn and reflect, celebrate and challenge, thank, praise and develop spiritually. 

We seek to deepen and widen the experiences of those of ‘faith’ and encourage ‘all’ so that they can feel for themselves something of what it
means to worship.

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