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Jono and Pete introduced us to this fun PE video game. We used it during our PE lesson on Friday as a warm up. The children LOVED it! You may want to have fun joining in with this as a family....

Level Up! (Video Game Workout for Kids)

4 fun levels in this workout! Follow along and make it through the obstacles to advance to the next level of fitness! ENJOY!!! Exercises incorporated are... ...

Monday's Physical Activity

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Putting spaghetti in the holes in a colander. 

Wrapping hair bobbles or elastic bands around food tins.

Pinching pasta with finger tips and putting it in a tall tupaware tube style tub.

Using a tea spoon to put flour into an egg cup. 

Tuesday Physical Activity


Today i would love if it you could do some Bear Hunt Cosmic Yoga! 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about going on a bear hunt! Inspired by the wonderful book by Michael Rosen. 🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app: ...

Friday's PE Challenge.


Jono and Pete have been helping us develop our bouncing, aiming, throwing, catching and kicking skills. Today have a go at the PE video game as a warm up and then find a ball and get bouncing! This links in to today's maths many times can your child bounce a ball in 30seconds/1 minute? Can your child aim and direct a ball into a spot on the floor? Can they hit a brick on the wall? Can they dribble the ball around obstacles using their feet? Can they practise throwing and catching the ball? 

Then set a timer and see how many times you and your child can hop/jump/balance/run on spot etc 

Have fun - we LOVE our Friday PE sessions!!!! laugh