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We have set up our DB Primary account. The children haven’t used it before but if you log on you can go to our chat forum or have a look at the task section. Don’t worry if you are not familiar, we will continue to add our work to the website. However it would be magical to chat with the children! Xx
Hello and welcome to Week 2 of our Home Learning Journey. Please find a range of activities from Mrs Evans and Mrs Ascroft to help you with learning from home this week. Make sure you check inside each folder to see any special recordings or resources! Xx



                         Hello parents, carers and our lovely children. 


Just a little message to say that in these uncertain times we are still here to support your child's learning journey. Each week we will post ideas for learning in the learning section on our page. Please remember that the most important things at this time are for your children to feel safe, loved and secure. A good routine would be fab and letting children know what the day holds. 

Everyone's circumstances are different so please look at our ideas and if you get chance to do any that is wonderful. If you can't possibly do them then please do not worry, please do what you can. 

Please check our page every Sunday night for ideas and most importantly keep safe and take care. 

Much love Mrs Ascroft, Mrs Evans and the Reception Team xx