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Happy New Year!!!! We have not managed to see the children face to face to wish you all a happy, and we pray, healthy 2021. The Reception Team were so touched with all the beautiful gifts and Christmas wishes that the children brought in to us.... thank you so much. heart Thank you also for your patience as we have been setting up Home Learning activities this week. Keeping safe and happy is our priority...and if you can do the suggested activities on DB that is wonderful, but please do not become stressed or anxious about Home Learning. Doing our best and supporting one another is the main thing. 

A beautiful rainbow - this was what greeted the children when we went out to play just before we broke up at Christmas. We had a real WOW moment and they loved watching it change. Some of the children could even tell me how it was made which impressed me! This is a such a beautiful message of hope.- that soon we will be back to normal.


We hope you are all doing well and really want to support you however we can. We are using Db Primary (simply click on VLE at the bottom of our Ainsdale St John's website Home page) and it is a little tricky to work out at first. Please phone or email Mrs Mac or Mr Hooton as they will be able to help you get onto Db if you are having difficulties. We are working it all out too! Db is great once you and your child become confident as we can email each other. You can watch the little daily video message and access suggested work activities. Take care everyone and keep warm, safe and happy xx