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Welcoming our new School Council

Welcoming our new School Council 1

These are reasons why the children wanted to part of their School Council this year


Lewis: "I always like to make good decisions. I wanted to have greater responsibility so that I could make our school a happy place."


Megan: "I think I am a good representative because I listen to people's ideas. I also enjoy taking part in meetings."


Thomas: "I wanted to take the opportunity to do something exciting. I am looking forward to helping raise money for Comic Relief."


Nicole: "I would like to help charities for people who are in need."


Neave: "I would like to become involved with the charity Children In Need."


Sam: "I would like to raise money for a charity."


Keela: "My brother enjoyed it and has talked to me about it. Ii would like to become involved in fundraising ideas like discos."


Harry: "I have never had this responsibility in school before."


Charlotte: "I would like to help the charity Children In Need."


Tobias: "I would like help with discos to raise money for the school."

Introducing this year's fabulous school council team led by Mrs Myers. These children have all been chosen by their classmates on account of their skills of organisation and displays of team spirit. We look forward to organising fundraising events and we will be meeting with children from other schools in the Southport Learning Partnership shortly. We will get back to you in the next month with the theme of our new project. Many thanks, School Council.