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In Year 2 we enjoy our Science learning in many different ways. We love planning practical activities and experiments, making predictions, careful observations and recording our results. Our Year 2 topics are Materials (where we include a trip to the Gilmoss Recycling Centre - to find out more about what happens to the materials we don't want or need anymore), Living things and their habitats, Animals including humans and Plants.

Materials that burn

We began by exploring different types of materials and predicting if they would burn or not. We then planned our experiment, keeping in mind our ideas of fair testing. We then observed what happened. We then recorded our results. Many of us predicted correctly that the wood would burn but the stone and metal would not. We linked this with our learning about The Great Fire of London and why the houses were rebuilt from stone rather than wood and straw. We also had a treat toasting marshmallows and enjoying them together!