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Curriculum Intent

At Ainsdale St John’s, we are scientists! We want our children to love science and to know that science has changed our lives, and is vital to the world’s prosperity, today and for the future. 

We believe that our whole-school family can “Grow, Develop and Achieve in ALL that we do!” We strive to develop a thirst for life-long, active and responsible learning, following the Christian Values that Jesus has given to us. 

We offer a science curriculum that promotes real curiosity and excitement, encouraging the children to question and enquire about their world around them. Through high quality teaching, all our pupils are given rich, learning experiences to foster the children’s scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through biology, chemistry and physics.


Children flourish by collaborating together, working creatively and by thinking analytically about their investigations, observations and results. The science curriculum is ambitious and empowers our children to become independent and resilient when facing challenges and taking risks. 

We teach the children ways of exploring values and attitudes and to believe they can make positive Scientific contributions to their global community in the 21st Century.