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We have been blown away by your dinosaurs - well done!

This week's Understanding The World challenge is for you to think about your dinosaur and design a 'swamp' or place for it to live. William has already had a go at designing a swamp - thank you for showing us your work on our class forum! Mrs Evans loves making a dinosaur swamp out of green jelly. She adds all sorts of yummy things that look strange, but taste delicious. A dinosaur swamp that you can eat after dinner is always a fun way to think about different habitats.

Making jelly needs a grown up to help. We love investigating jelly in Reception because it teaches us a lot about how it changes from a 'liquid' to a wobbly 'solid'. You also need to be patient waiting for it to set. Can you work out how many hours your jelly dinosaur swamp takes to set?

Let us know what yummy things you add to your jelly (Mrs Evans likes mixing red/green laces and haribo type worms when she has done this before). You may want to add healthy fruit.


Here's a suggested sequence:

First cut up block of jelly. Can you see how the rectangle shape of the block changes? How many cubes do you have? 

Next ask your grown up to boil the kettle. Can you watch and listen as the water heats up? What happens as it boils? What can you see/hear? Can you see 'steam'?

After that melt (dissolve) the jelly cubes in the boiling water. Be very careful mixing. What happens to the water?

Finally add whatever tasty swamp plants and creatures you have in your house and pop it somewhere cool to set (change state). Now is the time to get a spoon mmmmmmmmm.............

We definitely need to see photos.