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Look what Mrs Evans found on Ainsdale beach - do you know what these creatures are called? Mrs Evans found them on the sand but where do they spend most of their time?

What a beautiful place to live!

This little creature is a bit cheeky - it is called a Hermit Crab. Can you find out what is special about it?

Sink or float?


This is a classic science activity that explores the principle of buoyancy and can be done with even very young children. All you need is a large container, water and a few small objects.

Fill a large container (e.g a bowl, plastic box or even the bath) with water. Then, select a range of objects from around the house - your child can then drop an object into the water – after guessing whether it will sink or float. Easy! They may like to record their findings.


Design a boat


If your child was inspired by their floating/sinking investigations, we would love them to have a go at designing their own boat. Mrs Evans' daddy did this when she was a little girl - he spent hours and hours in his workshop making a special boat called a 'frigate'. The whole family had to troop off to a neighbour's big pond where the frigate was finally launched with great even had a little engine. It all began well as it started to chug gently across the pond. Excitement turned to horror though as the front of the boat began to rise up and slowly, slowly the frigate sank deep down to the bottom of the pond. Oh dear!!!!

We would love our budding ship builders to have a go at being a little more successful...if your child could design their own boat what would it look like? Can they draw it carefully and then colour or paint it? If you are feeling even more creative you may like to build your boat and see if it can float on top of the water. Maybe having a special naming and launch party would be a fun thing to do. If the weather turns sunny again a paddling pool would make a fantastic ocean. Have fun and let us see how you get on!