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Understanding the World

Children bring their natural curiosity to all that they do. In Reception we love stimulating their questioning and investigation skills. Our Autumn topic is providing lots of opportunities for hands on exploration of our natural world. We use tech to help us find out fab facts about things that interest us, and exciting fiction and non-fiction books stimulate amazing discussions and observations. Natural resources and displays enable the children to investigate using their senses. Ask your child if they can recall fab facts that we have discovered about hedgehogs and squirrels... the teachers have found out some wonderful things alongside the children. Our learning environment is set up to promote awe and wonder :

Investigating Jelly!

We are enjoying our investigations. Last week (26/11/20) we made jelly and closely observed the changes that took place. We sequenced the experiment as we went along, and the children were encouraged to apply their knowledge to make sensible predictions. Watching the transparent glass  kettle boil up the water proved fascinating - we talked about the steam and the importance of always letting a grown up handle the kettle. The best part of the experiment was tasting our jelly the next day .......mmmmmmmmmmm.

Very carefully watching the jelly cubes dissolve.....

Investigating Ice (3/12/20)

This week the children discovered an 'icescape' complete with arctic animals. They could touch the ice as it gradually melted throughout the day and they enjoyed playing with the animals. Again, carefully observing the changes as the ice changed state from a solid to a liquid provided lots of discussion and delight!

Circles using Paint