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Understanding the World

Understanding the World

Activities to encourage the development of skills such as observation, prediction and investigation:

This week we had planned to explore ‘What learning fun can we have with a pumpkin?’

Please watch the video of Mrs Evans reading Pumpkin Soup as a starter for discussion.

It would be wonderful if you and your child could go shopping for a pumpkin or even more fun, pick your own at a farm. Have it ready for your child to investigate after sharing the story.

Some questions to consider:

Can your child pick up the pumpkin? How does it feel/smell? Can your child engage their senses? Is it rough/smooth/hard/soft/squidgy…?

What colour is it? Can your child predict what it will be like on the inside? We have a giggle during our prediction activities as Mrs Evans usually suggests ridiculous ideas just to test their confidence…. will it be purple inside? Will it be full of melted chocolate? Jelly beans? What will it smell like? Maybe you could scribe their ideas and predictions….

Cut the pumpkin open. What can your child observe? Encourage them to look closely. Were their predictions correct? Can your child scoop out the seeds with a spoon? You may want to plant some to see if they grow. Does your child know how to plant a seed and what it needs?

If we were in the classroom, the pumpkin pieces would have been left out on a tuff spot for the children to investigate throughout the day. You may wish to skip ahead to the main activities which are:

Sequencing a simple pumpkin soup recipe eg:               First we chop up the pumpkin.

                                                                                   Next we put it in a pan.

                                                                                   Then we add onions and water.

                                                                                    Finally, we cook, blend and eat!

This sequencing activity is also an early computer coding activity so your child is covering the Technology area of Understanding the World too.

Further ideas and cross curricular links: Carve out a pumpkin lantern with your child.

                        If you have some golf tees and a little hammer your child can develop their fine motor skills hammering the tees into the pumpkin skin.

                         Make your own orange playdough and create pumpkins of differing sizes. Can your child count and order them by size? Whatever you do, have lots of fun!






Computing :


As well as the simple sequencing involved in our pumpkin soup recipe which develops early computer coding skills, your child may also like to draw and design a pumpkin lantern using a 'Paint' program. We have one for your child to use on DB Primary and some have already created some beautiful pictures using this. We would love to see them so do download them if you can!