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Using the rhymes and pictures, help your child to begin to copy letter shapes. 

We are only looking at the letters that start with a circle shape. 


1. Go around the apple and up and down the leaf 

2. Curl around the caterpillar

3. Round the dinosaurs bottom up to his head and down to his toes

4. Cut off the top of the egg and scoop it out 

5. Down the flower and across the leaves 

6. Round the girls face and down her hair with a curl 

7. All around the orange 

8. Slither down the snake 

(There is also q but we will leave this for now). 

You make need to write the letters for your child to copy. Remember it is ok to start big and go smaller. 


A Squash and a Squeeze

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This story focuses on size and is actually linked to our maths this week. Enjoy helping your child to join in with the repeated phrases!x

Author - Julia Donaldson
Publisher - Macmillan Childrens books
Illustrator - Axel Scheffler


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