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Week 10 Commencing 15th June

Week 10 English  

Please read the document below for more information about the exciting change in our English home-learning format.

Week 10 English - Instructions

Other English Activities

Week 10 Maths


Head to the White Rose Maths website and watch the daily video. Then complete the corresponding worksheet below and check your answers using the answer sheet. Some of the worksheets may seem tricky - head to the BBC for extra videos and activities on the same topic. Don’t forget Friday is Maths Challenge Day!

Telling The Time

As an important extra activity this week we would like you to spend some time revising telling the time. Start with o'clock, 1/2 past,1/4 past and 1/4 to then move on to telling the time around the clock i.e. 5 past, 10 past etc. We have included a link for the Top Marks on line teaching clock as we would like you to keep activities purely practical this week.


Watch the videos below and look at the Information Powerpoints about the powerful Roman Army.

Complete the research task using Kiddle and there is a Roman Soldier to label but you could draw your own if you like.

Week 10 Additional Activities


Below is a document with additional ideas and activities. This week's theme is: THE RAINFOREST.


These are not compulsory but there are some fun ideas.


Activities in these weekly topic packs are from a variety of other curriculum areas such as Science, Art & Design, History, Geography, Computing, RE and PHSE.