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Week 13 Commencing 6th July

Week 13 English  


Below are the links for each daily English lesson.


The video will tell you what equipment you need at the start. Just work through it at your own pace. There is advice on how to switch between the video and the worksheet if you are asked to – however, don’t forget you can right click the worksheet to save it or print it if you want to.  (You may need to adjust the print settings to get the whole page on in one go!)

Week 13: Non-chronological report

Other English Activities

Virtual Guided Reading Week 4 Forum

Week 13 Maths


Head to the White Rose Maths website and watch the daily video. Then complete the corresponding worksheet below and check your answers using the answer sheet. Some of the worksheets may seem tricky - head to the BBC for extra videos and activities on the same topic.

Don’t forget Friday is Maths Challenge Day!

Computing Activities from Mrs Horsley

This week I would like you to complete these interactive learning games from Barefoot Computing where you will apply different computational thinking concepts.


Barefoot Zoo - Help Ranger Jack use the powers of abstraction to save his struggling zoo!


Code Cracking - Learn about code cracking in WW2 and use your evaluation skills to help stop the invasion!


Asteroid Blaster - Jump onboard the Asteroid Blaster space-ship and learn all about variables.

Week 13 Additional Activities


Below is a document with additional ideas and activities. This week's theme is: Music.


These are not compulsory but there are some fun ideas.


Activities in these weekly topic packs are from a variety of other curriculum areas such as Science, Art & Design, History, Geography, Computing, RE and PHSE.