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Week 2

Weekly Overview of Learning

Week 2 Maths Tasks


For this week everyone must try to complete the White Rose activities.

Click on the link for White Rose Maths. This takes you to the activities for week 2.

Try to cover a lesson each day. 

Don't forget to go on TT Rockstars. 

Week 2 English Tasks:


For English this week, everyone must try to complete:

  • At least one comprehension task

  • Two 15 minute sessions on Spelling Frame

  • Two SPaG mats 

  • A Pobble writing activity  


Feel free to engage in any other activities which inspire you but everyone in the class should consider this the minimum work for English for each week.  Keep your literary brain alive - and whatever you do: READ, READ, READ!

English Writing Task

Week 2 Additional Activities


Below is a document with additional ideas and activities. Each week is themed across all year groups. This week's them is: THE AREA YOU LIVE IN.


There are additional, reading, writing, spelling and maths tasks to those outlined above. These are not compulsory but there are some fun ideas. The Maths & English tasks above should be your first priority.


Activities in these weekly topic packs include a range of other curriculum areas such as Science, Art & Design, History, Geography, Computing, RE and PHSE.