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Week 4 Commencing 27th April

Here are the answers to the comprehension! 

Week 4 Maths Tasks


For this week everyone must try to complete the White Rose activities.

Click on the link for White Rose Maths. This takes you to the activities for Summer Term -Week 2.

Try to cover a lesson each day. 

Don't forget to go on TT Rockstars. 

Week 4 English  


This is the link for this week's English tasks. There are English activities for each day of the week - all based on exactly what you would be covering in school with your reading, writing and spelling.  All you need to do is watch the videos and have a go at the tasks in your home learning books.  


All SPaG work has accompanying videos with teaching input which explain the grammatical concept and then ask questions on it.  Stick with these and you should know what you are doing.  If you struggle - USE DB to talk to us; we love getting your mail!

Below is a comprehension for this week.  It has some of the tricky questions we are used to tackling where you kind of know the answer but you’re not sure how to put it down quickly.

If you can – have a go.  Later in the week I will post the answers and you can see how you have got on.  Mrs Howell and I are available on DB everyday if you need any guidance.  Thanks for all your emails, it is so lovely to see your work and hear how you are doing! 


RE TASK – for week beginning APRIL 27th 2020


Watch the video and think about why ‘being’ a Christian and a friend of God is so important to us at the moment.

Let's see who starts a forum on DB first - all foundation subject work is there.


Week 4 Additional Activities 


Below is a document with additional ideas and activities. Each week is themed across all year groups. This week's theme is: ANIMALS.


There are additional reading, writing, spelling and maths tasks to those outlined above. These are not compulsory but there are some fun ideas. The Maths & English and RE tasks above should be your first priority.


Activities in these weekly topic packs include a range of other curriculum areas such as Science, Art & Design, History, Geography, Computing, RE and PHSE.  Y6 activities for these subjects are already on DB.

If you love learning and you have the time, you can choose to do both!