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Week 5 Commencing 4th May

Want to learn more about VE Day then follow the link below for some fun activities to enjoy.


Week 5 English  


Below is the link for this week's English tasks on the bitesized daily learning page.  This teaching input and the activity options are not to be missed.  Setting description is needed for any great writing - and an understanding of its impact on the reader for any  response to text.  USE DB to let us know how you get on!


Click on the link here and go to the Y6 pages.




BBC Bitesize and White Rose Maths have pooled their resources to cover the same topics in maths. You may not be able to access the White Rose worksheets so  please work through the following:


1) Watch the White Rose maths video

and then work through

2)EITHER  White Rose activity sheet if accessible OR BBC Bitesize activities which will all be on the same topic.