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Week 6 11th May

Welcome to Week 6

Thank you for all the lovely messages, photographs and pictures I have received this week through our DB Primary learning platform. It looks like you have been having so much  fun which is really great to see! Keep sending me all your news please as it is so nice to keep in touch with you all.

Remember to keep going with your  lockdown project; we  are looking forward to seeing them all!

Take care and keep safe

Mrs Banks 

Exciting Creative Writing Project - Make history!


BBC Bitesize and White Rose Maths have pooled their resources to cover the same topics in maths. Unfortunately, from now on you WILL NOT be able to access the White Rose worksheets so  please work through the following:


1) Watch the White Rose maths video

and then work through

2) BBC Bitesize activities which will all be on the same topic.

Week 6 English  

Two important things to cover: 

a) Daily Speed Sound Practice - see the Read Write Inc Daily Recordings link below.

An integral part of learning to read is recognising and reading the sounds that make up words.

In school the children learn to read and write using the Read Write Inc phonics Scheme.

It is really important that the children practise their sounds on a daily basis.

Read Write Inc are releasing a speed sound lesson each day on youtube - speed sounds 2 at 10am and speed sounds 3 at 10.30.The lessons are sequential and follow an order. 

Most children should watch the speed sounds 3 lessons but some would also benefit from watching the speed sounds 2 lessons.  

The lessons stay on the website for 24 hours so you could watch these live; alternatively you can watch them later on that day or even first thing the next morning. The RWI team will cover a sound each day. The recording is just like a normal classroom lesson so the children will know the format and can join in. 



(Click on the link below.)  


b)  This is the link for this week's Y1 English tasks.  There are English activities for each day of the week - all based on exactly what you would be covering in school with your reading, writing and spelling.  All you need to do is watch the videos and have a go at the tasks in your home learning books. 

   DB Primary -Additional English Activities  assigned to  your individual page.

Fiction and non fiction fact file


A fact file explaining the main features of Fiction and Non-Fiction texts. Use as a class-based teaching tool or assign to pupils as an individual activity.


Fiction and non fiction Crossword

An interactive crossword to consolidate pupil knowledge and understanding of the main features of fiction and non-fiction texts, complementing the fact file resource on the same subject.

DB Primary: Computing (task created and assigned )



Movement :Further steps 1 Activity to support and extend the teaching of basic algorithms and to develop understanding of sequencing in computer programming, where pupils move a character to a specific destination on screen. Activity 1 of 4.


BBC Bitesize :Science  activity

Home learning focus Introduction to seasons, day and night

Learn about the seasons, the weather associated with them and day length.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos to help children observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies
  • three practise activities to reinforce learning

Click on the link below to go to activity page.