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Working From Home Week 1


This week we will be learning about number 12! 

Please explore the following with your child:


1. Recognise number 12

2. Number 12 comes after number 11 - count up to 12

3. Count out 12 objects one at a time - what is 1 less than 12? What is 1 more than 12? 

4. Show the children how number 12 is made up of 10 dots and then 2 more. 

5. Look at 12 0 clock

6. Explore doubles of numbers. So double 6 is 12. Show the children 6 and another 6. How many have we altogether? We have 12. Look at double 1, double 2, double 3 etc up to double 6.

7. Show the children 6 objects. How many more do i need to add to this to make 12? Look at adding to other numbers to total 12. 

8. Show the children 6+6= 12 - use objects to explore this. Look at other addition sums using the vocabulary of add, plus and equals to explore them. 

9. Can you share 12 biscuits between two people? How many will you get each? 

10. Please see attached activity sheets for the number 12 in the activity sheets section. 

Reading and Writing 

Each week we will practise 3 sounds. Please look at the sounds on their own, put the sounds into words and use Fred Talk to read them. Then have a go at practising writing the words. 

If your child normally bring home words

Sounds to practise - th, sh, ch. (Examples of words - that, shop, much)

If your child brings home books

Sounds to practise - oo, ar, or. (Examples of words - moon, car, fork)

Please see the sheet that was sent home with the sounds on for the rhymes to go with the sounds. 

Please see activity folder for resources ideas.