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The children have been practising the shapes that we use to make letters. We are now starting to put the shapes together to make letter shapes. It is really important that children form their letters the correct way and start letters that have a c shape with an anticlockwise movement then we put the shapes together to make letter shapes.  


At this stage it really doesn't matter if your child does not recognise the sound that goes with the letter or the letter name. It is more about copying the shapes and being able to do these with good control. 


It is important to start with large movements and then begin to get smaller when children can use the motion correctly. Please  observe your child and either use large paper if you have it, or on the patio with chalk or even just doing them in the air. They will also benefit from using a model to copy. 


I have attached some activities for the children to try. Some are circles to copy, some are pictures and some are letters. Please try to choose the best suited one to the stage of your child's learning. 

These activities can be practised daily. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video