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Year 5



Ancient Greek Day

The Ancient Greeks


This is our first topic of the year. We began with recapping our geographical knowledge about the continents of the world and the location of Europe.


We then spent an afternoon completing an Ancient Greek Murder Mystery! This was great fun - but very confusing. The clues were misleading and we found it difficult to identify the correct suspect - it could have been all of them!


Come back here soon to find out what we're looking at next!




THE TROJAN WAR - Freeze Frames


We worked in groups to create freeze frames for different parts of the Trojan War.

1. The Greeks arriving for battle.

2. Men hiding inside the wooden horse while the Greeks are pretending to sail away.

3. The Trojans bringing the horse to the gates.

4. The Greeks climbing out at night and letting the army in.

5. The final battle.






This Is Me

In our first week returning to school, we looked at the topic of 'This is me' and discussed our personal qualities, interest, hobbies and strengths. We then looked at the song 'This is me' from The Greatest Showman and completed a karaoke comprehension, thinking about the meaning of the lyrics and the story behind the song.