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Bully Busters Visit School

Thank you to representatives from Bully Busters who visited school yesterday to talk with all the children about the different types of bullying.

The children were able to talk about physical bullying and name calling but were also asked to dwell on how the 'silent' look or nudge can impact on how people feel.

Particular reference was made to how the children can keep themselves safe online and the dangers of playing games that are designed for teenagers and adults.  

Children were reminded to speak out and always tell a trusted adult if they were experiencing bullying. 

Children commented:

"Bully Busters made me think about being more careful with my words."

"Bully Busters made me think about the app Fishbrain."

"It made me think about how I treat my friends."

"It made me think about not being a bully to people who are different skin colour or different hair colour or speak a different language and not to be mean to others."