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Harvest: We are Blessed

What a beautiful service of thanksgiving this morning. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful children, staff, parents and visitors who made our Harvest Service so special. A huge thank you to Ian from Asylum Link Merseyside who came in earlier on in the week to deliver a worship to the juniors about all the work his charity do for people who are seeking Asylum in this country. Another big thank you to Father Tony Slingo from St John Stone who gave a great talk about being thankful to God for all we have. A special thank you to Brian and John from the Food Bank who shared in our service. Well done to our Year 6 children for such thought provoking prayers and readings. We received such wonderful items of food that are already on the way to our local Food Bank and Asylum Link Merseyside so thank you children and parents for all your kind donations. If you would like to find out more about both these charities that we have supported this year year, please use the web link and the powerpoint links on the Latest News Documents page. Thank you once again.