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Poetry Activities


Poetry is really for beautiful descriptions, such as the one written by the famous poet John Keats about autumn: “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. It gives you a shiver down your spine and makes you see the world differently. It can also capture some of the most powerful feelings in life better than any other method.


That is like saying horses are only for racing. It is much too narrow. Horses can pull carts and jump fences as well. Poems can do lots of things. They can tell jokes, make fun of people, teach you how to play games and make shopping lists. That’s why poetry is so great.

Last week in school the children read and studied many different poems. 

The Reception children read Oi Cat and spotted the rhymes.Year 1 enjoyed No Breathing In Class by Michal Rosen; year 2 listened to rhyming stories :The Gruffalo and Snail and The Whale. Another favourite was the Sound Collector by Roger McGough. 

The older children studied personification poems, haiku poems, reciting them together.